After Your Wedding Ceremony

Congratulations and Best Wishes – You’re Married!

No one tripped going down the aisle, misplaced a ring, or fainted at the altar. What’s that? Someone did? Even the best laid plans may turn out differently than you expect. Take a deep breath, look into each other’s eyes and whisper (or shout) “we’re married!” Savour the moment with a smile. You have reached the first goal of many you will share together. Keep smiling. It’s time to take your formal wedding pictures!

Between the Ceremony and the Reception

It’s the day of the wedding, your gown is glamorous, your hair is done and your makeup is flawless. Your groom has also spent time getting ready, and when the time comes to be standing together at the altar you both have never looked better.

There will be many people on the day taking photos to remember the day. Everyone from your aunt to your mother in law’s cousin will be taking photos on the day, preserving memories. Their snaps will assist in the recording of the day’s significant moments, documenting who was there and any other picture perfect moments throughout the day.

But don’t forget to hire a professional photographer who will really take the photos that you’ll want to treasure forever. Today hiring a professional photographer is all a part of the special day. When hiring a wedding photographer you are really commissioning an artist to capture the magic of your day. Photographic styles can vary from photographer to photographer, so make sure that when you’re looking for your photographer that you seek out one who is capable of catering to your personal taste. Make sure you seek out a photographer well in advance so that you don’t get disappointed.

There is often an interval between the Wedding Ceremony and the Wedding Reception. If at all possible, try to limit it to no more than an hour. At any rate, during that time find some activity to make your wedding guests feel welcome and keep them comfortable.

Depending upon the time of day and the time between ceremony and reception, you can provide your guests with canapes and light refreshments.

Be sure that your guests can easily find your reception. Add a map or directions to your Wedding Program to help your guests find their way. Especially if the interval is lengthy, include information about restaurants, shopping areas, and suggested activities (local coffee shops, etc.) for out-of-town guests.

Your Wedding Reception

It’s time to celebrate! Although wedding ceremonies may be restricted by religious traditions or legalities, your reception can bring out your distinctive style and preferences. Make a smooth transition to your reception by carrying the theme of your wedding into your reception: casual, sophisticated or romantic.

Increasingly popular, wedding cocktail receptions can be real money savers while still allowing you to invite a large number of wedding guests to your reception. Cater to the tastes of your guests by serving both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Add sophistication using a professional waiters to serve drinks and canapés. Alternatively, keep it casual with a buffet table laden with an assortment of your favourite hors d’oeuvres.

  • Use a breakfast or luncheon buffet to turn a morning or afternoon wedding into an exquisite affair.
  • Dim the lights and set out the candles. Use small tables to add intimate seating arrangements for a romantic wedding dinner, celebrated with close friends and family.
  • Break out the bow-tied waiters, the banquet tables and the fine linens for a formal, sit- down dinner.

Make your selection of entertainment features based on your preferences and your budget. Whether you choose a mix of your favourite tunes played on CD, a string quartet, a band, or an orchestra, music adds personality and distinctive style to your wedding reception. 

Wedding reception traditions that you may wish to include are:

  • Welcome speech
  • Introduction of the bridal party
  • Meal
  • Speeches and toasts
  • Readings of messages
  • Cutting of the wedding cake
  • Bridal waltz
  • Bouquet toss
  • Farewell line

Find complete details and more reception tips in our e-book. Use Wedding House Directory to plan and find the perfect wedding reception venue!

On returning from your honeymoon, you’ll probably be greeted by a mound of wedding gifts. In planning your wedding reception, be sure to set aside a space for wedding gifts and delegate a couple of friends or relatives to catalogue them for you. Your gift table can also hold a reception book where reception guests can sign in and leave a message.

Sending thank-yous is your final wedding task. Be sure to mention the gift in your thank you note. Even if you received five punchbowls, thank each of your guests for their thought in choosing it. For cash gifts, let your guest know what you did or plan to do with the money. “Thank you for the cheque you sent for our wedding. We’ve deposited it for future use in buying our first home.”

Your Honeymoon

Depending on time and finances, a honeymoon can be weeks long or just a week-end. It can be as extravagant as a long ocean cruise to a tropical island or as economical as a short holiday in a comfortable B&B. Whatever you choose, your honeymoon is a time to relax, unwind and enjoy your first experiences together as man and wife.

Wedding House Directory can help you find honeymoon ideas and the ideal travel plans that suit both your budget and your preferences.