Wedding Photographers

After several months of planning, dreaming and trials, the wedding day is over! It can come as quite shock, especially for the bride who has been immersed in wedding details day and night. After the celebrations are over, all you would have left are the photos to remember your special day and you will want those to look stunning.  Our wedding directory will give you access to the best photographers in New Zealand.

Remember, you will only get one shot at this and you want to make sure you choose a photographer whose work you love also one you can relate to and work with. Try to arrange to see a full wedding shoot so you get an idea of how the photographer covers a complete wedding. Check out their album layout and ask to see a few sample albums of their work so you can get a feel for the quality of not only the work, but the quality of the printing and binding of the album. It is also important to ensure that you would get a complete digital set of the photographs in high resolution.

When searching for a photographer, you will also want to talk to and assess the work of several before you make your decision. Our online wedding photographer directory makes it easy for you to get multiple quotes and compare a variety of photographers.

Our New Zealand wedding photographer directory also has a direct link to supplier websites, so you can view their online portfolio from your desktop, tablet or smart phone.

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