Your Wedding Day

Your First Wedding Gift

If you’re like most of us, your wedding may be the biggest event you’ll ever plan. Don’t worry. You’re in the right place! Wedding House Directory is packed full of wedding resources, supplier and tips to help you plan the perfect wedding. We’d like to start by presenting you with your first wedding gift! Free to download, our e-book, Everything You Need to Know to Have a Successful Wedding is loaded with worksheets, tips, and plenty of good advice.

When and Where

The first decision you’ll need to make for your wedding day is when and where your wedding will take place. Sounds easy, but co-ordinating may take a little patience and a willingness to adapt your plans to availabilities. Start by deciding what is most important to you: the location of your wedding ceremony, the reception venue, or the date of your wedding. For instance, if date is most important, choose several locations for your ceremony and for your reception. If you do run into conflicts, you’ll already have some alternatives in mind.

Planning Your Wedding Day

Once you know where and when your wedding will take place, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and plan your day. A good first step is creating a budget.

If you haven’t already, meet with your families and find out what they are able and willing to do to help with your wedding. As well as financial help, your family may offer other types of money-saving assistance. Do you have a photographer, florist or cake maker etc in the family? Will you buy a new wedding dress or wear one handed down from your Mother or Grandmother?

Your next step is to put your plans into a wedding budget. Start by using Wedding House Directory to get quotes on the items you’ll need to buy. Be sure to leave a little extra money in your budget for emergencies and ‘little extras’ you may think of later.

Our Booking and Budget Checklist lists traditional wedding expenses and leaves room for you to pencil in the extras that will make your wedding extra special. Some of those extras may include:

  • Wedding Stationery
  • Wedding Attire
  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • Wedding Ceremony Music
  • Reception Entertainment
  • Photos and/or Videos

Your Bridal Party

Usually the Bridal Party is made up of relatives and/or close friends of the Bride and Groom. Besides standing at your side during the ceremony, your Bridal Party can be a wonderful wedding resource.

Your Chief Bridesmaid is usually your best friend or closest female relative. She will help you carry out your wedding plans and will act as your personal assistant on your wedding day. During the wedding ceremony, she’ll hold your bouquet and afterwards she will witness the signing of your marriage certificate. Before the wedding, your Chief Bridesmaid may host your Bridal Shower and ‘Hen’s Night’.

Besides preceding you down the aisle, you may ask other bridesmaids to provide help such as presiding over your wedding guest book and your wedding gift table at your Bridal Tea or Wedding Reception. Bridesmaids also help the Chief Bridesmaid organize the Bridal Shower and ‘Hen’s Night’.

The Best Man helps the Groom get ready for the Weddinig Ceremony.

He stands at the Groom’s side during the ceremony and witnesses the signing of the marriage certificate afterwards. At the reception, the Best Man traditionally delivers a ‘Best Man’s’ speech. He also organizes the ‘Buck’s night’ and helps the groom with any preparations leading up to Your Wedding Day.

Other Groomsmen escort the Bridesmaids down the aisle at your Wedding Ceremony. They may also help seat guests before the ceremony and they assist the Groom and Best Man in keeping things running smoothly before and after the ceremony. The Groomsmen also help the Best Man organize ‘Bucks night’.

Your Guest List

If parents are helping with expenses, you should include their ideas in guest list plans. However, it’s up to you and your fiancé to decide on the number of guests you’d like at your wedding. Put your heads together and decide on a number, considering the size of your ceremony and reception venues as well as the size of your wedding budget. Here are some tips on sending Wedding Invitations.

  • If you sent formal Engagement Announcements, be sure to invite those people who received them.
  • If you R.S.V.P. your Wedding Invitations, be sure to include a stamped and self-addressed return envelope, or in this day and age an email address.
  • If your guest list becomes too long (and it may!) you can alternatively extend an open invitation to the ceremony, but limit numbers at the reception. Just be sure to be specific on printed invitations. One good idea is to include a separate reception card with your wedding invitation.
  • Review our sample invitation and find even more helpful tips on planning a guest list.

The Wedding Ceremony

Your Wedding Ceremony is what makes your Wedding Day ultra-special. Like the rest of this big day, it takes ultra-special planning:

  • Will it be formal or casual?
  • Indoors or outside?
  • Who will be your celebrant?
  • Traditional vows or will you write you own?
  • What Wedding Readings will you choose?
  • What music would you like to hear. Who will be your musicians?

From sample Wedding Vows to traditional Wedding Readings, use Wedding House Directory to find a world of ideas at your fingertips.